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Have you ever made time to take yourself on a date for one?

It might sound weird, it feels weird to be typing this right now too, but really, when is the last time you took yourself on a date? When is the last time you made yourself happy?

An integral part of self-love is the ability to be happy in the presence of your own company, so as much as it might feel weird or almost sad to do things such as going to the movies alone, you deserve to be able to enjoy that experience.

Taking yourself isn’t limited to conventional date ideas however. Sitting and watching a box-set at home with a moisturising face mask and a glass of something nice is more than sufficient. Anything that allows you to recharge by yourself without the worries of socialising. Especially if you’re introverted by nature, it’s still important to be able to have fun without feeling too much like you need to recharge at the end of the day.

I think that’s a huge misconception about being introverted – that we’re expected to just want to lounge around in our pyjamas and do nothing in particular, which is never inherently a bad thing, but sometimes we just want more.

Just a few weeks ago, while holidaying in Yucatan, Mexico, I found myself doing something I’d never had the courage to do before, especially in a foreign country, and I went exploring the Mayan jungles by myself. It was a rather therapeutic experience, and I found myself enjoying my own company, something I’d never managed before. Since then, I’ve gone out to eat at a nice restaurant on my own, I’ve explored the city alone, I’ve been to museums alone, and I no longer think about what a sad sight I might be.

Truth is, nobody really cares if you’re out alone, treating yourself. Chances are, nobody’s staring and feeling sorry for you. But the opportunity to go out and have fun? That’s priceless.

Equally as such, even if you don’t feel like going out, staying at home and indulging in some self-love is super important.

Herbal tea, Netflix, sweet and salted popcorn, a cuddle with your pet, an array of lit candles of various scents, maybe even a short and sweet book. These are some of my favourite things; partaking in nights like these make me feel at ease.

Anything can count as taking yourself on a date as long as you get the opportunity to love being with yourself, mind and body at ease together, with no social pressures.

You deserve that.

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